Conor protests ‘We’ll Walk Hand In Hand’ at the Lyric

We are delighted to announce that new Infinity client Conor Grimes will be appearing in new Martin Lynch play ‘We’ll Walk Hand In Hand’ at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast. The play opens on the 22nd March and plays until 31st March at the Lyric Theatre, before touring round Northern Irish theatres from 11th-14th April.

‘We’ll Walk Hand In Hand’ marks the 50th anniversary of the Northern Ireland civil rights struggle. This roller-coaster of a play plots the lives of two working class kids from Belfast, Vincent and Lesley. They meet at University in 1967 and soon find themselves at the centre of the explosive student reaction to the Global Civil Rights movement.

A co-production by Green Shoot Productions and Queen’s University, We’ll Walk Hand In Hand is Written and Directed by Martin Lynch, and has a cast of seventeen. This cast is an exciting combination of professional actors, including Conor Grimes, Maria Connelly and Noel McGee starring alongside community actors representing Refugee and Asylum Seekers, The LGBTQ Community, Inner city Urban Communities and Women’s Civil Rights Campaigners.”

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