Katie returns to the NTS with Shift

Katie Barnett will be performing in ‘Shift’, presented by National Theatre of Scotland, Culture NL and North Lanarkshire Council, from 29th March to 1st of April.

“Performed in the incredible setting of Summerlee Museum of Scottish Industrial Life – Culture NL, Shift is a dramatic, large scale, site specific, outdoor, theatrical event featuring original music and words from punters, poets, playwrights and pen-smiths from across North Lanarkshire.

With a cast of over a hundred Shift tells the stories of the many ‘shifts’ put in by the workers who built our world and created our future. Told through, song, poetry and prose we meet the ordinary people and the extraordinary leaders who shaped and tested our society through hard graft.

A heart thumping soundtrack with striking sound, light, video and design, Shift takes you on a journey that will enlighten you and dare you to put in a shift, shift the debate, shift the possibilities, shift the perceptions, shift the attitudes and shift the focus we all have in life and work.

Start your shift now!”

Read more about this show via: https://www.nationaltheatrescotland.com/production/shift/