Robbie Gordon in Theatre Objektiv World Premiere

IAM are delighted to announce that client Robbie Gordon will be performing in the world premiere of Arandora Star with Theatre Objektiv Limited, written by Raymond Raszkowski Ross and directed by Donald Smith. It will run from Tue 22 – Sat 26 May 2018 7.30pm & 2pm (Sat 26 only) at Scottish Storytelling Centre.

“A vibrant, evocative full-length drama about the controversial sinking of the SS Arandora Star on July 2nd 1940, in which some 700 ‘enemy aliens’, many of them Scottish-Italians, lost their lives while being transported to Canada by the British Government. A strong ensemble cast enact a Dantesque passion of love, hope and determination.

We are in the midst of muddle, mishap and mess; of preconceptions and prejudice; of war-time exigencies and political misadventure; as well as of ‘cover up’ and suppression; but, equally and perhaps more importantly, Arandora Star is about empathy and understanding, innocence and ideals, shared laughter in the face of adversity, loyalty and common humanity.

The ship on which we sail symbolises the truth of all war: most victims are innocent civilian non-combatants.

“Collar the lot!” Churchill had ordered when Mussolini declared war on June 10th 1940; and collar them they did. The Italian community in Scotland (Britain) was wrong-footed by Il Duce and they would pay a heavy price.

The time is surely ripe for a multi-cultural Scotland to acknowledge its debt and to embrace fully the dedication on the Arandora Star Memorial in the grounds of St Andrew’s Cathedral Glasgow: Non vi scorderemo mai – Never will we forget you.”

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