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Thoren is ‘The Walker’

We are delighted to reveal that client Thoren Ferguson has been introduced as the new face of Scotch Whisky giant Johnnie Walker in the first of a series of new commercials for the brand. Advertising company 72AndSunny partnered with Diagio on the campaign. “Part of the Keep Walking series, the new ads feature aerial photography… Read more »

Thoren, Honey and Angus attend Logan High!

The first 15 episodes of Chalkboard TV‘s Logan High are available to stream via BBC iPlayer as of March 30th. The online CBBC series stars IAM clients Thoren Ferguson, Honey Joseph and Angus Stobie. Binge it now as another 15 eps will be released on 6th April!   Watch it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p061td83

Thoren and Emilie tour The Return

We are excited to announce that IAM clients Thoren Ferguson and Emilie Patry will be touring venues in Scotland with ‘The Return’, by Ellie Stewart, in association with Eden Court Theatre and Cinema.   “France, 1560. In the foothills of the Pyrenees, Bertrande (Emilie Patry) tends to her livestock and mothers her young son, seven… Read more »